Music, a Gift for Life!

What can I say? Music is my passion. It has helped me celebrate the great and joyous times in my life and it has helped me through some really tough times. Songwriting has allowed me to express my heart as well as my sense of humor, while performing gives me the chance to interact with people in a way that can only be experienced from the stage.

The thought that I can help my students tap into that is very inspiring, to me.

In addition to teaching  I am also a performing musician, songwriter and registered artist with BMI. Over the past 20+ years, I have performed in Praise, Blues/Rock bands, duos, jam bands and as a solo act. After retiring, in 2009, from my business career, I have been pursuing my passion of music full time…. and believe me, this passion for music is contagious!

I offer Private and Group Lessons in Acoustic and Electric Guitar,as well as Live Performance Techniques, for musicians who want to move their music from the living room to the stage.

There are several ways to fit my Guitar Lessons into your budget and schedule. Check out my Classes & Tuition Page for some of the options available.

I welcome the opportunity to help you reach your dreams... with music.


While you're looking around, be sure to check out the Resources Page with my custom designed worksheets and some helpful web links, all available to you for FREE!

I am currently accepting a limited number of new students. If you are interested in lessons, please register online to for an available lesson slot.

After School Group Guitar Lesson Intro - check your flier for class schedule, location and tuition

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Just for fun


Here are a few samples from my Video Lessons page

How to Use a Guitar Pick - Beginner

In this 4 minute video, Steve shows you how to use a guitar pick and demonstrates two exercises to get new players off to a good start.


How to Play Barre Chords - Intermediate/Advanced

In this 5 minute video, Steve simplifies and teaches you the basics of Barre Chords, and demonstrates an exercise that will help you build finger strength, develop muscle memory and learn them faster.


How to Use a Capo - Beginner/Intermediate

In this 7 minute video, Steve teaches you when, and how, to use a Capo. A Capo is a very powerful tool that should be in every player's guitar case.


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